Types de risques perçus et réducteurs de risques dans le commerce électronique : le cas du site Fnac.com

Christophe Bèzes
  • Management & Avenir, January 2011, CAIRN
  • DOI: 10.3917/mav.048.0404

Types of perceived risks and risk relievers in e-commerce

What is it about?

This research approaches brakes relative to online shopping, not by trust widely used in the literature, but by perceived risk. Carried out on 1167 loyalty card holders of the Fnac, it identifies first, the main types of perceived risks that penalize online purchases, and second, the website characteristics that should improve the retailer to reduce these risks.

Why is it important?

It is possible to focus on a few risk relievers. However, this strategy will have more effect on multichannel buyers than on customers using the website only for information.

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