Open source data logger for low-cost environmental monitoring

Ed Baker
  • Biodiversity Data Journal, February 2014, Pensoft Publishers
  • DOI: 10.3897/bdj.2.e1059

Open hardware data logger for environmental monitoring

What is it about?

Data loggers are used to collect information about environments, such as the humidity and temperature at given moments of time. Commercial data loggers can be expensive, for example a three channel data logging system is available from Alphatemp for £465.00. Such costs make large scale deployment of such systems unaffordable for all but well-funded projects. This project aims to create an open source and open hardware data loggers making use of the widely avaialbale Arduino prototyping platform.

Why is it important?

Using cheap hardware for environmental monitoring allows more monitors to be deployed in a given research site. Using Open Hardware and prototyping platforms brings high-resolution environmental data acquisition within the budget of many research institutions. The use of Open technologies allows those with sufficient technical knowledge to adapt hardware to the needs of their specific project.

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