Beyond dead trees: integrating the scientific process in the Biodiversity Data Journal

Vincent Smith, Teodor Georgiev, Pavel Stoev, Jordan Biserkov, Jeremy Miller, Laurence Livermore, Edward Baker, Daniel Mietchen, Thomas Couvreur, Gregory Mueller, Torsten Dikow, Kristofer M. Helgen, Jiři Frank, Donat Agosti, David Roberts, Lyubomir Penev
  • Biodiversity Data Journal, September 2013, Pensoft Publishers
  • DOI: 10.3897/bdj.1.e995

Launch of the Biodiversity Data Journal

What is it about?

Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ) is a community peer-reviewed, open-access, comprehensive online platform, designed to accelerate publishing, dissemination and sharing of biodiversity-related data of any kind. The journal will publish papers in biodiversity science containing taxonomic, floristic/faunistic, morphological, genomic, phylogenetic, ecological or environmental data on any taxon of any geological age from any part of the world with no lower or upper limit to manuscript size.

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The following have contributed to this page: Mr Edward Baker, Professor Pavel E. Stoev, and Mr Teodor Georgiev