The Eugenics Society's Outreach to the Labour Movement in Britain, 1907-1945

  • David Redvaldsen
  • Labour History Review, January 2013, Liverpool University Press
  • DOI: 10.3828/lhr.2013.16

Eugenics and Labour 1907-1945

What is it about?

The article proves that the Eugenics Society endeavoured to cultivate good relations with the British labour movement from the founding of the Society and until the end of World War 2. It was only partly successful, but that was not for want of trying.

Why is it important?

Eugenics in Britain has often been seen as right-wing and anti-working class. This article gives a more nuanced picture, through distinguishing between the Eugenics Society officially and the membership. The membership was indeed largely reactionary, but the Society sought to be party-politically neutral. It tried to counteract its reactionary reputation by appealing directly to socialists and workers.

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