Alien as a Comic Book

  • Adaptation and Genre Shifting
  • Nicolas Labarre
  • Extrapolation, January 2014, Liverpool University Press
  • DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.6

Alien as a comic book

What is it about?

Alien (1979) is an interesting case for genre studies, since the film is widely perceived to be at the intersection of horror and science-fiction. The articles seeks to examine what happens to those genres when the film is adapted into a comic book. Are they affected? Redefined? And if so, why and how?

Why is it important?

The aim of this article is to question the relationship between genre and adaptation beyond the specific case it examines. It seeks to prove that the notion of genre needs to be applied with specific attention to the medium used. Comic book horror and film horror are not two versions of the same genre, but arguably two very different social constructs.

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