Film and/as Devotion: Bruno Dumont’s Enworlded Cinema

  • Australian Journal of French Studies, May 2015, Liverpool University Press
  • DOI: 10.3828/ajfs.2015.16

Film and/as Devotion in Bruno Dumont's Hors Satan (Outside Satan)

What is it about?

While much of the existing scholarship on the contemporary French filmmaker Bruno Dumont has focused on the brutally assaultive and horrific qualities of his cinema, this article considers how Dumont's cinema can engage us in more intimate, vital and enworlded ways. Bringing together film-phenomenological scholarship with art history, Paul Schrader's concept of the 'transcendental style' in film and Nathaniel Dorksy on 'devotional cinema', it argues for Dumont's sixth feature film - Outside Satan - as fostering embodied and reflective experiences of what I call film and/as devotion.

Why is it important?

Film and Media Aesthetics Intermediality Contemporary French Cinema Ecoaesthetics Duration Devotional Cinema


Dr Saige N Walton (Author)
University of South Australia

Lecturer: Screen Studies at the University of South Australia

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