Remembering Together: The Importance of Shared Emotional Memory in Event Experiences

  • Emma H. Wood, Alexandra J. Kenyon
  • Event Management, April 2018, Cognizant Communication Corporation
  • DOI: 10.3727/152599518x15173355843325

The need to feel that we felt the same. How memories converge

What is it about?

We attend events as part of a social group. We therefore have a shared experience and to some extent a shared emotional response. However, even when we feel differently at the time we can adapt our memory to feel that we felt the same afterwards. The paper identifies this convergence of group memory using a longtitudinal study of festival attendees

Why is it important?

Group memory formation is a neglected aspect of event and tourism research. This needs to be addressed as shared memories can be the most important aspect of the experience for the consumers.

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