Satisfaction as a Bridge to Loyalty in a Tourist Destination

Tan Vo Thanh, Thi Ai Cam Tran, Rey Dang
  • Tourism Analysis, March 2018, Cognizant Communication Corporation
  • DOI: 10.3727/108354218x15143857349486

Destination loyalty is a key issue in tourism destination management

What is it about?

This study examines the mediating role of satisfaction between destination image and destination loyalty, and novelty seeking and destination loyalty. The research model is developed on the basis of previous studies in the fields of marketing and tourism.

Why is it important?

The results indicate that four dimensions of cognitive image (culture and social, environment, infrastructure and accessibility, and local food), affective image, and novelty seeking are the important and direct antecedents of satisfaction and destination loyalty, and that satisfaction mediates the relationships among destination image, novelty seeking, and destination loyalty.


Tan Vo Thanh (Author)
La Rochelle Business School - Excelia Group

Writing this article was a great pleasure for me as it allowed me to establish a good relationship with Vietnamese academics. I would be happy to collaborate with other academic colleagues on research projects related to tourism, hospitality and leisure.

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