X-ray Tomography Characterisation of Lattice Structures Processed by Selective Electron Beam Melting

Everth Hernández-Nava, Samuel Tammas-Williams, Christopher Smith, Fabien Leonard, Philip Withers, Iain Todd, Russell Goodall
  • Metals, August 2017, MDPI AG
  • DOI: 10.3390/met7080300

What is it about?

Metallic lattice structures intentionally contain open porosity; however, they can also contain unwanted closed porosity within the structural members. The entrained porosity and defects within three different geometries of Ti-6Al-4V lattices, fabricated by Selective Electron Beam Melting (SEBM), is assessed from X-ray computed tomography (CT) scans. The results suggest that horizontal struts that are built upon loose powder show particularly high (similar to 20 x 10(-3) vol %) levels of pores, as do nodes at which many (in our case 24) struts meet. On the other hand, for struts more closely aligned (0 degrees to 54 degrees) to the build direction, the fraction of porosity appears to be much lower (similar to 0.17 x 10(-3)%) arising mainly from pores contained within the original atomised powder particles.

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