Ruyer and Simondon on Technological Inventiveness and Form Outlasting its Medium

  • Philippe Gagnon
  • Deleuze Studies, November 2017, Edinburgh University Press
  • DOI: 10.3366/dls.2017.0284

"Ruyer and Simondon on Technological Inventiveness and Form Outlasting its Medium"

What is it about?

A summary is provided of Ruyer's important contribution, also a reversal from some conclusions held in his secondary doctoral dissertation, about the limits inherent in technological progress, and an attempt is made to show the coherence of this position to Ruyer's metaphysics. Simondon's response is also presented, and subsequently analyzed especially as it culminates in a concept of concretizations. As Simondon indicated, and with a displacement in Ruyer's limitating framework on unconditional growth, we end up searching for what represents the category of the ultimate for those two philosophers of the cyberworld.

Why is it important?

This text will hopefully help in pioneering more studies concerning the interaction of Ruyer and Simondon, two French-speaking contemporary philosophers of technology and the cyberworld.


Philippe Gagnon

Ruyer's fascinating retrieval of metaphysical and theological archetypes posited by the work of contemporary science, is hereby contrasted with Simondon's perspective on concretions.

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