Scotland's Diaspora Strategy: The View from the Current American Diaspora

  • Murray Stewart Leith, Duncan Sim
  • Scottish Affairs, May 2016, Edinburgh University Press
  • DOI: 10.3366/scot.2016.0126

How do America-Scots value and consider the Scottish Governments efforts to engage with them?

What is it about?

How the Scottish Government relates to those of Scottish origins in America is vitally important, given the strength of the relationship that many people in America in regards to Scotland and their Scottish origins. it is vital that the Scottish Government is aware that their policy must be more than one of trade relations, or business deals.

Why is it important?

Given the several million people in America that feel positively disposed towards Scotland, it is important to understand how they wish to relate to, and work with, official Scottish organisations, and the Scottish Government in particular. Our findings argue that the Scottish Government needs to understand the broader principles of that relationship.


Murray Leith
University of the West of Scotland

There are more Highland Games in America than in Scotland, and millions of Americans consider Scotland and Scottishness in a very positive light. The people of America who feel 'Scottish' or who are attracted ot Scottish culture represent a very significant and potentially positive influential group. We really are pushing at an open door - if we engage with them in the right way. Yet, it may well be that we are not pushing at the right door, or engaging in the right way - which would be a real missed opportunity.

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