The Final Seminars of Jacques Derrida: ‘The Beast and the Sovereign’The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume I, 2001–2, edited by Michel Lisse, Marie-Louise Mallet and Ginette Michaud, translated by Geoffrey Bennington (Chicago and London: The University of...

Marian Hobson
  • Paragraph, November 2012, Edinburgh University Press
  • DOI: 10.3366/para.2012.0069

A review of the English translation of the last two seminars given by Jaques Derrida,

What is it about?

The review attempts to act as a summary of these seminars, which are very long, and sometimes difficult. Derrida however was a great teacher, one of the greatest, and the seminars become much clearer if on the you understand how they fit in with the history of philosophy as Derrida saw it. They also become clearer when the seminars are related to his own work. These two lines are those the summary follows or attempts to follow, as it works its way through the text.

Why is it important?

Derrida taught the history of philosophy all his life; to understand him at all you can't omit thinking about the philosophical themes and writers he is discussing.

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