Historicizing Early 1980s Greek ‘Denunciation Movies’

Panagiotis Zestanakis
  • Cultural History, April 2018, Edinburgh University Press
  • DOI: 10.3366/cult.2018.0158

Social dramas about deviant youth in 1980s Greece: what do they say about social change?

What is it about?

This article explains aspects of social change in early 1980s Greece with emphasis on changes in consumption, gender and intergenerational relations using scenes from six popular movies launched between 1981 and 1983.

Why is it important?

The article uses some movies often seen as low quality and kitsch and shows how historians can profit from such material to explore the history of everyday life. These movies were not screened outside Greece nor can they be easily found with subtitles; therefore the piece provides international audiences with an insight into these films.


Panagiotis Zestanakis (Author)
University of Crete

This article explores how historians can approach commercial cinema as a primary source in cultural history.

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