The Gibraltar Skull: early history, 1848–1868

Alex Menez
  • Archives of Natural History, April 2018, Edinburgh University Press
  • DOI: 10.3366/anh.2018.0485

The early history of the Gibraltar Skull.

What is it about?

The history of the Gibraltar Skull from when it was presented by Lieutenant Flint to the Gibraltar Scientific Society in 1848 to when it was presented to the Royal College of Surgeons by George Busk.

Why is it important?

The paper draws on previously unpublished primary sources which provides a fresh interpretation of the Gibraltar Skull's history.


Alex Menez (Author)
Gibraltar Museum

The historiography of the Gibraltar Skull has been portrayed in much the same way since it arrived in England in 1864. I hope this paper goes some way to providing a new, and more accurate, historiography of Gibraltar's most famous fossil.

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