Overinflated behavioural energetics: using dynamic body acceleration to accurately measure behaviour duration and estimate energy expenditure

AA Robson, RP Mansfield
  • Aquatic Biology, July 2014, Inter-Research Science Center
  • DOI: 10.3354/ab00574

Overestimated behavioural energetics

What is it about?

Derivatives of dynamic body acceleration (DBA) such as VeDBA, ODBA, root mean square DBA and total acceleration variability elongate behaviour duration and consequently overestimate energy expenditure. Overestimation of the duration of behaviours naturally causes errors in the calculations of behavioural time-energy budgets for all species that move intermittently, as demonstrated for scallops, crabs, 'amphibious' signal crayfish and humans.

Why is it important?

Behaviours of any duration can and should be accurately detected, quantified and when appropriate, the behaviour type should be identified. The R package BEnergetix can quickly calculate accurate invertebrate and vertebrate behavioural time−energy budgets from acceleration, metabolic rate and environmental data.

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