Innovation and sustainability in agri-food companies: The role of quality

Flavio Boccia, Daniela Covino
  • DOI: 10.3280/riss2016-001010

Innovation, sustainability and quality

What is it about?

Usually the agri-food system is seen as a field characterized by low research and development expenditure, owing to its generally recognized nature of mature and relatively low technology industry, but changes in international competitiveness have now provided strong incentive to innovate, both for small and medium-sized enterprises and big companies. Regards to quality, studies focused on innovations are related to aspects such as novelty, variety, processing, origin, convenience. The aim of the work is to understand if the innovation in products’ quality and sustainability can help the success of agri-food enterprises on international markets. The used methodology is a prevalently qualitative direct investigation in two important companies, which are a symbol of Italian and French agri-business respectively and an example of a business model related to innovation and sustainability in quality. Even if it is possible furtherly to investigate in this matter, the study underlines the main role of innovation in sustainable food quality and its capacity to help enterprise to win in the modern global competition.

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Professor Flavio Boccia
Universita degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope

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