Mode-Switching Behavior with the Provision of Real-Time Multimodal Traveler Information

Andreas Frei, Hongcheng Gan
  • Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board, November 2015, Transportation Research Board
  • DOI: 10.3141/2496-03

Mode-Switching Behavior under Real-Time Multimodal Traveler Information

What is it about?

Travelers'en-trip response to Smartphone multimodal dynamic traveler information was addressed.

Why is it important?

En-trip mode switch behavior with the provision of detailed and high-quality multimodal dynamic traveler information including Auto Drive and Rail-transit Park-and-Ride options was modeled by an econometric model. Heterogeneity in preferences for travel time savings and correlations among repeated observations of a same respondent were addressed.


Professor Hongcheng Gan
Univ. Shanghai for Sci. & Tech.

Results provide insights for deployments of Smartphone multimodal dynamic traveler information and policy/management implications for establishing low-carbon/green and sustainable cities

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