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On 25 May 2020, in a shocking instance of racial violence, George Floyd was lynched to death by Minneapolis police. This incident resulted in many protests and uprisings around the world. Floyd's death was not an isolated incident. There have been many cases before him as well. These serve to highlight the rampant racial injustice against the Blacks. A racial injustice that, regrettably, might be encouraged by policing. However, Floyd's death did spark widespread Black protests. Could there be a deeper reason for these protests? What are the Black people's demands? A 2022 paper discusses these.

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The injustice being meted out to the Blacks is an old problem. Since years, Blacks have been oppressed and treated different from their counterparts. This has been compounded by the actions of the police. Multiple reports state how the police target Black communities in their operations. Police brutality continued even during the lockdown. George Floyd's and multiple other cases are testament to this. North American and Canadian governments, however, are investing more in the police and other agents of repression. This accompanies a disinvestment in Black community support programs, education and housing. For Black communities, the change has been marked by fatal violence. This only compounds the problem. Black communities across North America have now realized that only radical change will solve their problems. The way forward, they believe, is not by reformation. They are, instead, calling for the defunding, demilitarization and dismantling of the police. The Black revolution movement not only aims to combat racism and violence. It also proposes to channel public investment towards better institutions and initiatives, that protect, nurture, and sustain human life, and away from prisons and police. KEY TAKEAWAY: The global Black revolution demands an upending of racist colonial legacies. The Black communities want the formation of a new framework. This framework, they hope, will render their lives more liveable.

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This page is a summary of: Police Abolition/Black Revolt, TOPIA Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, December 2020, University of Toronto Press (UTPress), DOI: 10.3138/topia-009.
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