Problemi istorije holografije: predistorijski, metodološki i društveni

Bojan M. Tomić
  • Istorija 20 veka, August 2013, Institut za Savremenu Istoriju
  • DOI: 10.29362/ist20veka.2013.2.tom.233-248

Problems Of The History Of Holography: Prehistoric, Methodological And Social

What is it about?

Summary/Abstract: The Paper treats holography in a heuristic way. Also, methodology of historic research has been practiced through examples. Focus is on epistemological and historical aspects of the discovery, as well as on ways that can bring to it. History of holography has been shown in two parts. First part presents the problem of prehistory, which is the most prominent in the Paper. Possible patterns of prehistory are shown thereby. Second part is a presentation of the history ofdevelopment of holography with the stress on early period (from 1947 to 1971), inside which, an outline of the work of the well-known representative Denis Gabor has been given. Discourse has been appended with applications, and a basic presentation of the influence of holography on art has been shown.

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