The Outcome of an ADHD Parenting Group Training Programme (APEG) In the Peterborough Neurodevelopmental Service (NDS)

Hani Ayyash
  • January 2017, Heighten Science Publications Corporation
  • DOI: 10.29328/journal.hjncp.1001002

The Outcome of an ADHD Parenting Group Training Programme in an Integrated neurodevelopmental clinic

What is it about?

We assessed the outcome of an ADHD group parenting training programme (APEG) offered between 2014 and 2015 by the Peterborough Neurodevelopmental Service (NDS) in improving the knowledge and skills of carers using a pre-/post-training intervention study. APEG follows a Parent Advisor Model, consisting of a 6-session programme of evidence-based parenting training.

Why is it important?

The study suggests that provision of a psychosocial intervention programme for parents of ADHD children through the APEG parenting training proved to be effective in significantly improving the level of knowledge and understanding of parents regarding several aspects of ADHD diagnosis, symptom identification and behaviour control.


Dr Michael O Ogundele
Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Postgraduate Medical Centre

A total of 27 parents completed the 53 pre- and post-course questionnaires. The knowledge and understanding of the parents increased significantly about all aspects of ADHD diagnosis and management in response to all the 5 questions. The difference between the scores of 0 to 3 and 4 or 5 pre- and postintervention was statistically significant (chi square 239, df 1, p value <0.01).

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