SRMSAT: A Feasibility Study on Small Satellite Mission to Moon

Akash Ratheesh, Kuldeep Barad, Kartik Naik, Sri Harsha Pavuluri, Harsh B. Bhate, Aayush K. Singha, Subham K. Gupta, Ankit K. Ohja, Sriharini Tumu, Jananee Dhanasekaran, Poorva Shrivastava, Arunima Prakash, Sakshi Namdeo, Tushar Sharma, Amin A. Mody, Peeyush Tekriwal, Priyank Putambekar, Anand Krishnamoorthy, Loganathan Muthuswamy
  • January 2016, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • DOI: 10.2514/6.2016-1467

How feasible is a university class small satellite lunar mission?

What is it about?

With interest in small satellites growing, universities are expanding on their own satellite projects. SRMSAT - 2 is one such university class satellite on a mission to moon. This paper discusses the feasibility and a likely design for such a mission.

Why is it important?

We show that a university class satellite beyond the regimes of earth is possible, laying foundations for future missions in the same lines.


Sri Harsha Pavuluri (Author)
SRM University

The SRMSAT-2 is a brilliant project and it is quite a challenge for undergraduate students to work on space mission beyond the earth. These problems, however, have been tackled and a feasibility study is presented. This was our very first design and we improved over this dramatically.

Mr Loganathan Muthuswamy (Author)
SRM University

Enjoying and educating opportunity to the undergraduates especially the new entrants at second semester level. It exposes the Lagrangian points and the manifolds existing in the Earth Moon, Sun Earth space and the grand tours the smalls could make their travels with advanced technology developments.

The following have contributed to this page: Mr. Aayush Kumar Singha, Sri Harsha Pavuluri, Subham K Gupta, Ankit Kumar A12 Ojha, Mr Kuldeep Barad, Mr Loganathan Muthuswamy, Ms Arunima Prakash, Mr Akash R Babu, Mr Peeyush Tekriwal, Poorva Shrivastava, and Kartik Naik`