Vibration of a Long, Tip Pulled Deflected Beam

Paulo R. Kurka, Jaime H. Izuka, Paola Gonzalez, Joel Burdick, Alberto Elfes
  • AIAA Journal, July 2014, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • DOI: 10.2514/1.j052439

Vibration of a Long, Tip Pulled Deflected Beam

What is it about?

The use of Long, flexible deployable probe in the exploration of planets with a large gravitational field would be of interest to reach regions of scientific interest of difficult access, such as cliff sides and terrain slopes. Vibration control in this case is a sensitive issue that can be addressed by the use of a reliable model of dynamics of the long exploration probe. The present work addresses the problem of building a simple dynamic model of a long beam deformed by a tip pulling cable Read More:

Why is it important?

The present work proposes the combination of a nonlinear static deformation model of the same structure and a courser low-order finite element model of the deformed beam in order to assess its dynamic characteristics. Results of the different modeling strategies are compared and discussed. Read More:


Sc.M Paola G Ramos (Author)
University of Campinas

A long, flexible deployed probe with a camera in the tip would be a tool to exploration vehicles of regions with difficult access. We present a theoretical model of a long and flexible probe which is sought for future use in a vibrations control strategy. The result indicate an efficient way to obtain a fast and convenient dynamic description of the probe.

The following have contributed to this page: Dr Jaime H Izuka and Sc.M Paola G Ramos