Positioning Control for an Autonomous Airship

  • Yueneng Yang, Jie Wu, Wei Zheng
  • Journal of Aircraft, November 2016, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • DOI: 10.2514/1.c033709

Flight Control of Airships

What is it about?

As a typical lighter-than-air vehicle, an autonomous airship has an enormous yet untapped potential as a low-speed or even steady platform for various applications such as telecommunications, broadcasting relays, region navigation, public security, disaster detection, environmental monitoring, and so on . For several of the just-mentioned applications, the airship must often sustain over a specified geolocation in the presence of external disturbances. A key technical challenge for an autonomous airship is positioning, or the ability to sustain a quasi-stationary flight state over a certain target.

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