USA Education Policy in Transnationalization of Higher Education

  • Nataliya Avshenyuk
  • March 2018, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.2478/rpp-2018-0001

Analysis of strategic documents on higher education internationalization in the USA

What is it about?

Over the past decades the higher education transnationalization has become a subject of state “soft power” policy aimed at addressing specific internal political, social and financial problems.

Why is it important?

Higher education transnationalization influences various spheres of social development, especially in improving the quality of higher education national system, which leads to positive competition between local and foreign universities


Nataliya Avshenyuk
National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

I suppose that, prognostic potential of the conducted scientific research enables the concept development of Ukrainian higher education integration into the world educational space on the basis of constructive ideas of foreign experience consideration at the state and institutional levels.

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