Mediating role of meaningful work between resources and work engagement in Bangladesh’s private banks

Rubaba Nawrin
  • Management & Marketing, March 2018, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.2478/mmcks-2018-0005

Mechanism of work engagement in South Asian context

What is it about?

Work engagement is a recent phenomena that is now researching in various organization settings in Bangaldesh. On this note, this research has conducted in the private banks in Bangaldesh.

Why is it important?

The research brings new light regarding engagement issues in Bangladesh context as it coverd a wide range of determinats that affect work engagement. Besides, it also analyzed the influence of psychological aspects of meaningful work on work engagement.


Rubaba Nawrin (Author)
St. Theresa International College, Thailand

Studing on theis research was very enjoyable to me as it helped to find the gap between western and eastern gaps. Although the research was conducted in Bangladesh, due to the cultural similarity it can also be applied in various regions of South Asian countries such as India, Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan and so on.

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