Consumption and Marketing: Macro Dimensions

  • Lynn R. Kahle, Russell W. Belk, Nikhilesh Dholakia, Alladi Venkatesh
  • Journal of Marketing Research, August 1997, JSTOR
  • DOI: 10.2307/3151906

A pioneering edited collection on the macro aspects of consumption and marketing

What is it about?

[This specific link takes you to the Lynn Kahle review of Belk-Dholakia-Venkatesh edited book. For the book itself, do a Google Scholar search the title along with editors names]...We (the 3 editors) were able to work with a strong and talented group of contributors to work on the macro dimensions of consumption and marketing. This unique collection offers these papers.

Why is it important?

Marketing and consumer studies (in the marketing discipline) have an almost compelling tendency to focus on micro issues and problems. Yet, it is self-evident that the impact of marketing on the contemporary world is pervasive and macro. This collection offers a much needed alternative to the dominant micro-studies on marketing and consumer behavior fields.

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