The eukaryotic genome is structurally and functionally more like a social insect colony than a book

  • Guo-Hua Qiu, Xiaoyan Yang, Xintian Zheng, Cuiqin Huang
  • Epigenomics, October 2017, Future Medicine
  • DOI: 10.2217/epi-2017-0059

A nove metaphor for genome

What is it about?

In many ways, the eukaryotic genome is like "a swarm of social insects", where the queens are protein-coding sequences, and workers, non-coding DNA.

Why is it important?

To better understand the physiological structure and functions of the genome and its components.


Guo-Hua Qiu
Longyan University

This article may change your impression about the eukaryotic genomes.

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