2006 Conference of the International Hormesis Society: Stress Response Mechanisms: From Single Cells to Multinational Organizations

Richard J. Pech
  • Dose-Response, July 2006, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.2203/dose-response.06-006.pech

What is it about?

In the context of this discussion, the concept of hormesis can perhaps best be defined as improvement through adversity. Biological entities sometimes demonstrate greater resilience after exposure to stress, such as toxins, radiation, etc. I transfer this concept to the super-organism, the human organization. I provide examples where business entities have been strengthened through adversity, making them more resilient and more competitive.

Why is it important?

Organizations can be liked to biological entities. Effective organizations will function as a single focused entity. They learn, they change. Without these traits an organization cannot succeed in a competitive environment and it is the nature of such competition to hone improvements, innovations, and efficiencies. Too often such competitive stresses are viewed as negative elements to be avoided, but they can also provide positive changes that strengthen rather than weakening the organization.

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