Increasing the reach and impact of your publications

  • Charlie Rapple, Antony Williams
  • INFORM International News on Fats Oils and Related Materials, February 2016, American Oil Chemists Society
  • DOI: 10.21748/inform.02.2016.20

How Kudos can help you increase readership and broaden the context of your work

What is it about?

This article combines a basic explanation of what Kudos is, with a case study of a scientist who has used Kudos very successfully to increase the number of views of his work, and to link those works to presentations, blog posts, and to later works from other scientists.

Why is it important?

The article also discusses other tools that researchers might be using (social media, academic networks, citation profiles, altmetric profiles) and explains how Kudos can help you get more out of all of these sites by connecting the dots between them.


Charlie Rapple

Kudos has grown quickly in its first couple of years but there are still some basic misconceptions about how the site actually adds value for researchers. Telling stories such as Antony's, about how he has used the site and how he feels it has benefited him, help us to give people the inspiration they need to take the time to try Kudos!

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