Recent Patents on Flavonoids

Gokhale Mamta, Y. K. Bansal, S. S. Sandhu
  • Recent Patents on Biotechnology, December 2013, Bentham Science Publishers
  • DOI: 10.2174/18722083113076660009

What is it about?

Flavonoids are important compounds present in plant organs and give them colour. The review collected information on the patents granted for different aspects of flavonoids.

Why is it important?

Review shows that the flavonoids have been worked out for different applications in pharmaceutical field. They work as natural remedy to cure many diseases. Research is still needed uncover the hidden facts. We classified them according to their application.


Mamta Gokhale

Having a large number of patents on flavonoids is beneficial for human society. If we know importance of flavonoids, automatically we will be aware for conservation of important plants. As it is too easier to conserve the germplasm rather than synthesize it.

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