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Background: In addition to being one of the deadliest tumors, breast cancer is also one of the most difficult to cure. Due to the serious side effects of current breast cancer treatments and the rise in drug resistance, current drugs are losing their effectiveness. Potential natural bioactives: Bioactive natural compounds target various pathophysiological pathways involved in the development and progression of cancer and hence have the ability to prevent both the growth of breast cancer and the advancement of metastatic disease concurrently. Natural anticancer compounds have been shown to be effective, complementary treatment may be of great assistance in this case. Clinical Outcomes: Nutraceuticals and popular folk remedies may provide benefits over manufactured pharmaceuticals since they have fewer side effects and less toxicity in both in vitro and in vivo studies. A variety of natural compounds have been shown to reduce the aggressiveness of breast cancer, inhibit the growth of malignant cells, and alter the pathways involved in cancer development and progression. Either by directly affecting certain biological targets, such genes, or by indirectly stabilising conjugates that have an impact on metabolic processes, natural compounds called phytochemicals can enhance human health. Mechanistic pathways: There are many promising bioactive natural products that can be used to treat breast cancer, including those that inhibit aromatase activity, target HIF-1 signaling, inhibit cytoplasmic signaling, modulate epigenetic regulation, modulate estrogen signaling pathways, or work in chemosensitivity/adjuvant therapy (such as resveratrol, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, and eugenol).

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Natural products have played an important part in cancer prevention and therapy and will continue to be a focus of drug development research in the future. As contrast to conventional chemotherapy, the side effects of plant-derived natural compounds are far less severe. Studying how natural products and their signaling pathways may be used to treat breast cancer therapeutically was the major goal of this review paper.


The potential of bioactive natural products to treat and prevent breast cancer is enormous. The most important step in my honest endeavour to research and publish results related to this subject was to look at the wide range of sources that Mother Earth gave from a scientific perspective. I kindly ask everyone to read this and stay connected for the latest research and additions. Happy sharing and advancing knowledge and society.

Asma Mokashi
MCE Society's Allana College of Pharmacy, Azam Campus, Pune

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This page is a summary of: Bioactive Natural Products for Breast Cancer Chemoprevention and Treatment, Current Bioactive Compounds, December 2023, Bentham Science Publishers,
DOI: 10.2174/1573407219666230529151351.
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