Special Features of the Polymerization of Heterocyclic Monomers

Stanislaw Slomkowski, Teresa Basinska
  • Current Organic Chemistry, October 2017, Bentham Science Publishers
  • DOI: 10.2174/1385272821666170427143044

Factors influencing for polymerizations of heterocycles

What is it about?

In polymerization the simple rules which govern in organic chemistry are present. In this work there are described various factors which are the most important to conduct successfully polymerization of heterocyclic monomers. There are also presented side reactions which have fundamental influence for the final morphology, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of the obtained polymers. Due to the high spectrum of useful monomers and polymerizations processes described in the article will find numerous readers working in organic, polymer and materials sciences.

Why is it important?

The knowledge on polymerizations processes and monomers is useful for design of modern materials with desirable properties.


Teresa Basinska (Author)

This article contains summary of many years lasting extensive studies on polymerizations of heterocyclic monomers performed in department of polymer chemistry in my institution. I hope that the article will stimulate researchers to further studies on this topic.

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