The Maugeri Stress Index – reduced form: a questionnaire for job stress assessment

  • Davide Massidda, Ines Giorgi, Giulio Vidotto, Salvatore Tringali, Marcello Imbriani, Paola Baiardi, Giorgio Bertolotti
  • March 2017, Dove Medical Press
  • DOI: 10.2147/ndt.s107030

A Stress Index for job stress assessment.

What is it about?

A multidimensional self-report questionnaire to evaluate job-related stress factors is presented. The questionnaire, called Maugeri Stress Index—reduced form (MASI-R), aims to assess the impact of job strain on a team or on a single worker by considering four domains: wellness, resilience, perception of social support, and reactions to stressful situations.

Why is it important?

The MASI-R provides a reliable and valid measure, useful for early identification on the eustress–distress continuum in workers or in a team.

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