Implementing Dementia Care Mapping as a practice development tool in dementia care services: a systematic review

  • Claire A Surr, Alys W Griffiths, Rachael Kelley
  • Clinical Interventions in Aging, January 2018, Dove Medical Press
  • DOI: 10.2147/cia.s138836

A review of the literature on implementing Dementia Care Mapping (DCM)

What is it about?

This systematic review of the published research literature sought to look at the current evidence about the process of DCM implementation. It reviewed all research where DCM had been used as a practice development tool and where the process of implementation had been evaluated formally, or discussed explicitly by the authors. We found that there were few studies that had discussed the process of DCM implementation, with only a handful of studies gathering research data to explore this formally. The published evidence suggests that DCM implementation is challenging due to the complexity of the tool and the required skills from those leading DCM as well as organsiational support needed to implement it successfully. Choosing staff with the right skills to be able to lead DCM and implement practice and culture change was important. Also of importance was the organisational context, including support from managers for the DCM process and an existing organisational commitment to delivery of person-centred care.

Why is it important?

This is the first systematic review of the research evidence about the process of DCM implementation. It therefore adds to our understanding of the application of DCM as a practice development tool for dementia care


Claire Surr
Leeds Beckett University

Our review shows that there is too little robust evidence about the implementation of DCM. Clinical trials of the method have shown variable outcomes. Implementation has been identified as a potential contributory factor. It is therefore important we conduct more research on DCM implementation to provide practitioners and researchers with the best available evidence on how to implement it successfully.

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