Triptych of the Hermit Saints: pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccines for the elderly

Ger Rijkers, Laura Yousif, Simone Spoorenberg, Frans van Overveld
  • Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, March 2018, Dove Medical Press
  • DOI: 10.2147/rmhp.s130405

Vaccination of elderly to protect them against pneumonia

What is it about?

Most cases of pneumonia are caused by a bacterial infection. With modern treatment (including antibiotics) most patients will recover, but the long term consequences (5-10 years) can be severe. Therefore it is important to prevent these infections by vaccination. The current vaccines are effective, but still can (and will) be improved.


Prof Ger T Rijkers (Author)
University College Roosevelt

We don't have a vaccine available to protect against all forms of pneumonia. That is and will be the long term prespective.

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