Combined femtosecond laser-assisted intracorneal ring segment implantation and corneal collagen cross-linking for correction of keratoconus

Amr Said, Osama Ibrahim, Ahmed Elmassry, Ihab Osman, HAZEM EL HENNAWI, Moones Abdalla
  • Clinical Ophthalmology, March 2016, Dove Medical Press
  • DOI: 10.2147/opth.s97158

ICR by femtosecond laser and keratoconus

What is it about?

treatment of keratoconus by an outpatient safe ,easy and effective procedure

Why is it important?

keratoconus is a common eye disorder with different treatment moralities ,some of them are not effective and some are technically difficult

The following have contributed to this page: Dr amr said radwan, Dr Hazem Medhat/M EL HENNAWI, and Professor Ahmed A K Elmassry