SS Doctors & the State of Exception

Ariel Ricker
  • SSRN Electronic Journal, January 2013, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.2308458

SS Doctors & Imagined Communities

What is it about?

The Auschwitz camp doctors, the five of whom most notoriously remembered, Dr. Herta Oberhauser, Professor Carl Clauberg, Dr. Herta Oberhauser, Dr. Josef Mengele, and Dr. Franz Lucas, formed an imagined community complete with the power to determine life and death. The (ir)rationality of the camp based doctors stood in juxtaposition against the state’s expression of (ir)rationality. The primary focus of the doctors was based in scientific and medical success for the State.

Why is it important?

To understand the (ir)rationality of Nazi camp doctors.

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