Sara Smith, Martin Khechara
  • July 2016, IATED Academy, S.L.
  • DOI: 10.21125/edulearn.2016.0511

Using technology to support learning and teaching for post graduate students

What is it about?

The paper reports on the use of both 'flipping' the classroom where the important aspects of the topic are delivered via a recorded lecture that students access prior to the class and the use of in-class quizzes using mobile devices to evaluate student understanding of the material. The approach affords the tutor greater awareness of student understanding of a topic area and allows class time to be tailored to support more directed learning.

Why is it important?

The PG classroom is usually made up of a diverse range of students. We found that the use of technology to enhance learning developed tutor-student interactions as well as peer-peer interactions. The use of instant feedback on quizzes using mobile polling apps allowed students to evaluate their own understanding but also provided comradery among the group when they realised that others in the group were also struggling with certain concepts. The approach supported group work and a much deeper approach to learning.


Dr Sara Caroline Smith
University of Wolverhampton

This module had previously been very challenging for the tutors and students since students entered from a range of prior undergraduate courses and for many English was not their first language. The approach adopted helped not only to develop the student community but also the tutor community - it was really rewarding working with both groups to develop our approach.

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