What is it about?

This paper introduces diman (dimensional analysis), a Clojure based scientific software package with the ability to: create dimensional formulas, create dimensional equations, check dimensional homogeneity (consistency), and derive dimensionless products.

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Why is it important?

Dimensional analysis is often overlooked in model making and simulation. Most are familiar with checks for dimensional homogeneity but few are familiar (if not aware) of deriving the complete set of dimensionless products. Derivation of set of dimensionless products can help provide complete information of experimental results of physical systems in a compact form and also transform hypothetical function that describes the physical system; diman is a tool that makes this possible.


This paper briefly introduces the tool diman, but a more exhaustive documentation is available here https://cljdoc.org/d/com.neuralgraphs/diman/ For those who are interested, the detailed theoretical basis is available in a lecture series created by this author (Lungsi) here https://www.neuralgraphs.com/lectures/diman/lectp1.html

Dr Lungsi Sharma
Ronin Institute

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This page is a summary of: diman: A Clojure Package for Dimensional Analysis, The Journal of Open Source Software, January 2022, The Open Journal, DOI: 10.21105/joss.03735.
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