Culturally Adapted Skill Use as a Therapeutic Alliance Catalyst

  • Todd Lewicki
  • Rehabilitation Research Policy and Education, January 2015, Springer Publishing Company
  • DOI: 10.1891/2168-6653.29.4.336

Cultural competence strategies to enhance therapeutic alliance

What is it about?

The therapeutic alliance is critical in services to clients. As one of the most important in facilitating progress in counseling and therapy, it is necessary for the clinical to use methods that enhance this effect and culturally competent skill use serves to improve this relationship development.

Why is it important?

Using different methods to address client-centered services is about finding ways to enhance the benefit of known and proven techniques. Culturally-adapted skill use to improve the therapeutic alliance is a key component of this.


Todd Lewicki
Michigan State University

Evidence-based practices are important. The therapeutic alliance is a critical component in any of these processes. Trust and rapport, as well as the view of the counselor or therapist's credibility create the best possible environment for the client to make progress and attain their personal goals and highest potential.

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