Anthropology’s Origins, Christianity, and a Perspective from Africa

Jim Harries
  • OKH Journal Anthropological Ethnography and Analysis Through the Eyes of Christian Faith, July 2017, Eastern University
  • DOI: 10.18251/okh.v1i1.3

Anthropology is from the church, and should be for the church

What is it about?

It points to the theological dependency of anthropology, and by extension, to illegitimate generalizations routinely made in the anthropological guild.

Why is it important?

It is just another small contribution to the need to recognize that secularism cannot be an adequate foundation for knowledge.


Dr Jim O Harries (Author)
University of Birmingham

I am disappointed when students in the West think that they can 'understand' other parts of the world in anthropology classes, thus having them miss out on all too much about intercultural 'truth'.

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