The Prospects of Rural Tourism Development in the Continental Touristic Region of Croatia: A Survey Conducted Among Younger and More Educated Respondents

  • Matea Škaberna, Petar Kurečić
  • J of Tourism and Hospitality Management, October 2017, David Publishing Company
  • DOI: 10.17265/2328-2169/2017.10.002

The Prospects of Rural Tourism Development in the Continental Touristic Region of Croatia

What is it about?

The destinations and types of tourism are listed that exist in this area but also have room for improvement and further development. The goal is to prolong the season and not only focus on the coastal part of Croatia, following the examples of neighboring countries.

Why is it important?

The final goal of the research is to examine the behavior and opinion that participants have about Croatian tourism, what are their preferences when it comes to the choice of destination, on what grounds, how much are they familiar with rural tourism offer, and whether they think that further development would be crucial for rural tourism improvement.


Professor Petar Kurecic
University of the North Croatia

Based on conducted research, we can conclude that most respondents believe that Croatian tourism is good but there are many opportunities for improvement. Expanding the offer, linking tradesmen, the possibility of additional benefits and developing the offer of rural areas that would be accompanied by quality marketing are some of the important conclusions that this research gave us. Through the survey, we can also see how popularity of rural areas is growing and that the responders are interested in more information related to the same. Greater interest for rural destinations tourists showed due to today’s more mass tourism on the Croatian coast, which for many is no longer appropriate and it is not the way they want to spend their holiday.

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