Piled Foundations and Pathways for Ground Gas Migration

Steve Wilson, Sarah Mortimer
  • Environmental Geotechnics, November 2017, ICE Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1680/jenge.17.00009

Gas movement up the side of piled foundations

What is it about?

The paper is about gas in the ground, such as methane from landfill sites, seeping up the side of piled foundations and entering buildings.

Why is it important?

Piled foundations are used to support buildings and there has always been concern that gas could seep up piles and enter buildings. The paper looks at the evidence and concludes that, with the exception of a few quite specific cases, there is no risk of gas migration up piled foundations.


Steve Wilson
Institution of Civil Engineers

This is an important paper because in the UK unfounded concerns about gas migration up piles has resulted in expensive gas membranes and under slab venting systems being installed in buildings when they were not necessary.

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