Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis

Andrew Lees
  • January 2016, ICE Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1680/gfea.60876

How to do geotechnical FEA

What is it about?

It teaches the basic knowledge needed to perform geotechnical FEA in practice. Then it provides a ready reference for users of geotechnical FEA software.

Why is it important?

Users of geotechnical FEA software need to have a certain level of knowledge to help avoid making errors and this book provides that knowledge in an easy-to-read, practical form.


Andrew Lees
Tensar International

I found that when people wanted to learn how to do geotechnical FEA there was no single publication I could point to that contained the basic practical knowledge users needed to have. So I wrote one. I wish it was around when I started doing FEA.

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