Geotechnical magnetic–similitude–gravity model testing method

  • Ruilin Li, Guoqing Zhou, Guozhou Chen, Matthew R. Hall, Xiaodong Zhao
  • International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, April 2018, ICE Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1680/jphmg.17.00014

Geotechnical magnetic–similitude–gravity model testing method

What is it about?

Physical modelling under the gravitational field between 0 and ng plays a key role in both terrestrial- and aerospace geotechnical engineering. A geotechnical magnetic–similitude–gravity model testing (GMMT) method is newly proposed to provide an alternative approach to the current physical modelling methods. The theoretical criteria for achieving a magnetic field to simulate the gravitational field are presented first, based on which an exact simulation of the stress field is achieved between the physical model and its corresponding prototype. A GMMT equipment is then designed and manufactured, and a related procedure for obtaining its control and input parameters is presented. Accordingly, the preparation of the model material is demonstrated utilising a kind of magnetically sensitive granular (MSG) media. The relationship between mechanical properties, magnetisation, magnetic–similitude–gravity and magnetic powder content of the MSG media are further investigated, and the influences of both magnetising field and magnetisation process are shown to be negligible in terms of mechanical behaviour. A series of physical modelling of the bearing capacity of granular media under low-gravity conditions is finally performed using the GMMT equipment. The results show good agreement with previous data obtained by the parabolic flight aircraft.

Why is it important?

The GMMT method provides an alternative approach for constructing an experimental environment with variable gravitational fields, which can be employed to study gravity and scale-related problems in both terrestrial- and aerospace geotechnical engineering.

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