O Efeito das Emendas ao Orçamento no Comportamento Parlamentar e a Dimensão Temporal: Velhas Teses, Novos Testes

  • Fabricio Vasselai, Umberto G. Mignozzetti
  • Dados, September 2014, FapUNIFESP (SciELO)
  • DOI: 10.1590/00115258201425

Budget Amendments and Legislative Support in Brazil

What is it about?

What is the effect of budget amendments on legislative behavior? A logrolling perspective would assume that the Executive uses monetary perks to buying support from Legislators. Using data from Brazil, we show that presidents pay the full value of requested budget amendments regardless of party affiliations. Our findings provide evidence against individual logrolling in Brazilian politics.

Why is it important?

Our findings show that logrolling in the Brazilian Legislative-Executive relationships is unlikely to come from individual budget amendments. This strengthens the idea that negotiations between presidents and party leaders are the key aspect in lawmaking in Brazil.

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