A dialectical reading of Dynamic Systems Theory: Transcending socialized cognition and cognized social dualism in L2 studies

Saeed Karimi-Aghdam
  • Language and Sociocultural Theory, March 2016, Equinox Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1558/lst.v3i1.27547

What is it about?

This article develops a novel interpretation of dynamic systems theory which is called dialectical dynamic systems theory. Dialectical dynamic systems theory purports to put forward a coherent, integrative and novel framework to combine social and cognitive dimensions of second language acquisition.

Why is it important?

This is a novel take on dynamic systems theory which sheds new light on dynamic systems theory and tries to solve social-cognitive divide in second language acquisition and applied linguistics.


Mr Saeed Karimi-Aghdam (Author)
University of Jyvaskyla

This article carves out a new metatheory for applied linguistics and second language acquisition.

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