Winter Wandering on Snow Shoes: Manifestation of Transcendence and Spirituality in Participants’ Mind-Maps

  • Ivo Jirasek
  • Implicit Religion, August 2015, Equinox Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1558/imre.v18i3.28055

Spirituality in mind-maps from winter course

What is it about?

The two-week winter program (snow shoeing and camping) is profane activity. However, spirituality is visible in participants’ mind maps. Non-religious spirituality could be perceived as the central concept for such travelling.

Why is it important?

Authenticity and spirituality are basic terms for the right understanding of particular travellers’ modes of experience.


Professor Ivo Jirásek
Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky University Olomouc

I found implicit religion concept as more than fit for this kind of writing.

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