Contemporary Salafism: Expressions, Practices and Everyday Living

  • Susanne Olsson, Emin Poljarevic
  • Comparative Islamic Studies, July 2014, Equinox Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1558/cis.v8i1-2.53

What is it about?

This special issue concerns contemporary Salafism, especially among minority Muslims. The articles present various interpretations and practices found among Salafi oriented minority groups.

Why is it important?

It is important to gain more knowledge about contemporary Salafi Islam due to the increasing activities on behalf of jihadi Salafis. This publication illustrates that there are more ways than just a jihadi way to be a Salafi in practice and other interpretations of what a Salafi methodology should be


Professor Susanne Olsson
Stockholm University

In my opinion, there is an urgent need for more research on contemporary Salafi Islam in its various forms. Not the least since a lot of focus is on jihadist interpretations and practices and there are many other interpretations and practices that we can define as Salafi oriented. This particular issue includes several chapters that show how minority Muslims understand and practice Islam in a Salafi way that rejects violence

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