Big Data – kihívások és kockázatok

Manuela Krauß, Tamás Tóth, Heinrich Hanika, Miklós Kozlovszky, Elek Dinya
  • Orvosi Hetilap, December 2015, Akademiai Kiado
  • DOI: 10.1556/650.2015.30235

Big Data – challenges and risks

What is it about?

The term “Big Data” is commonly used to describe the growing mass of information being created recently.

Why is it important?

New conclusions can be drawn and new services can be developed by the connection, processing and analysis of these information. This affects all aspects of life, including health and medicine.


Prof Elek Dinya
Semmelwes University

The authors review the application areas of Big Data, and present examples from health and other areas. However, there are several preconditions of the effective use of the opportunities: proper infrastructure, well defined regulatory environment with particular emphasis on data protection and privacy.

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